WELCOME to Jagdish Universal Jewellers

Jagdish Universal Jewellers do not only sale metal but we give “Theme”.

It is the theme of sun and moon energies, where the Gold is connected to sun energy and Silver is connected to moon energy. Gold ornaments give us the Sun Energy and using Silver ornaments, silver pots & plates helps us receive Moon energy. Gold gives us the energy for purity of heart and Silver purifies our thought patterns desires and energies.

Jagdish Universal Jewellers is started to make this natural energy flow through everyone and everyone gets the benefits of the sun and moon energies.

The gold and silver jewellery and items were used for centuries in India and have a special place in our tradition.

Gold’s frequency matches with that of sun .The sun energy cannot be stored in our body because it is too hot with high density of energy. So we wear gold ornaments to get benefits of Sun’s energy. Wearing purified Gold ornaments absorbs the Sun energy and our body becomes purified .Keep it in Vastu and Vastu becomes purified. It is higher frequency energy that can change our body.

Usually Gold jewellery is worn near to heart Like gold chain, mangalsutra etc. Heart being our emotional center. Gold balances our emotions …thus balances our day to day actions …hence leads to balanced life. Gold also continuously repairs Golden line which covers our aura ,thus keeps us protected from outside negative energy.

Silver Metal has the same vibration that is of moon. Silver acts as a negativity cleanser and regulates the body heat. Silver purifies the energy going inside our magnetic field and physical body. Hence this metal is used for healing and curing diseases. Silver also purifies the vastu where it is kept.

Silver when worn around waist the desire energy from Mooladhar Chakra and Swadisthan Chakra does not affect our ego and wisdom that lies in Manipur chakra. Silver rings and kada when worn on legs cleanses the negative energy from outside for e.g. like when we visit a hospital the negative energy in that vastu enters our body though our legs. Thus when Silver is worn on body  negative thought and feelings will not come to our body and vastu and hence no negative things will happen in our life .


Jagdish Universal Jewellers came into existence on 4th June 2018 with the theme to help people get the Silver & Gold energy flow.

We are specialized in making handmade customized 22 Carat 916 Hallmarked gold ornaments.

Jagdish Universal Jewellers entered into Silver Wholesale on 2nd September 2018.

We are offering business opportunity as franchisee / distributorship for silver ornaments to make more and more people enter into the jewellery industry and can get benefit of the natural energy flow of Silver and Gold.


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